Lightshare Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

We love when decor items serve more than one purpose and that’s exactly what you get with this beautiful cherry blossom tree light. The LED lights work great to light up a room, but in addition, whether the lights are on or not, this is a beautiful tree that makes for gorgeous decor in your house. Perfect as a gift for someone you know, or perfect to gift to yourself!

Specs: This tree light is 18 inches tall and features 48 LED lights. The LED light design of the light is a cherry blossom bonsai tree, with each light covered with a rubber cherry blossom design that really brings this tree to life. This tree runs from a 24V adapter so simply plug it in and turn the switch on!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a gorgeous gift that we think would make for a great housewarming gift. The tree design is so beautiful and intricate and it would make a wonderful statement piece in just about any room in a house. Place on a coffee table, in the kitchen, or even in a bathroom! This is a unique light that we think anyone would love to put on display and enjoy looking at even when the lights aren’t turned on.

What we like: We like that the LEDs produce a warm white light instead of an intense white light that wouldn’t match the delicate nature of the tree. This is a beautiful design and we love how realistic the tree looks. We also love that the tree looks just as nice with the lights on or off – so you can enjoy this piece at all times of day!

What we don’t like: We wish there was a battery option for this light so that you wouldn’t have to make sure it is located near an outlet so that you can plug it in for the lights to work.

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48 LED lights

Warm white light

Quality construction


No battery option