The dachshund is one the friendliest breed of dogs with a lovable personality. It’s playful, easy to interact with and a perfect companion found in most homes.

It’s no wonder that it still remains to be one of the most popular breeds. It’s clever, proud, affectionate, loving, cuddly and all the good things you can imagine.

If you love this low-bodied furred breed, then just like most people, you already know it’s hard to live without one in your homestead. That said, we can’t come up with a better family gift than the dachshund-opoly by Late for The Sky.

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Detailed information about Dachshund-monopoly

The game involves 2-6 players. The participants can choose the one-version or the traditional play. During this fun-filled game, the player earns money from real estate by charging rent to the other players who land on his or her property.

The player then buys plenty of toys for the dogs and upgrades them to Big Bones. It might sound pretty easy until the player gets fleas, or gets a nasty accident on the carpet or the worst happens, and they get sent to the kennel. These are some of the in-game hazards that make this board game fun to play.

The life of a dachshund might appear simple until a player gets a chance to play this tail-wagging fun-filled game. So how about you let all the dog lovers in your life grab their tokens and advance their game level to go dachshund.


A great family board game

It comes with instructions and two versions of the play

It’s fun and entertaining