Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

When friends and peers gather for a party, it is most likely that they will want a fun game for the evenings or late nights. If the bonds are strong, then there is no limit to what kind of game to pick. There are ideal games for such type of groups, but some just don’t spark the exciting feature.

A game can be challenging, shaming or informational. The type of people that play depends on the levels of relationships they share to make it enjoyable. This Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game is a perfect gift choice for buddies or peers that like further engagements among themselves.

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Detailed information about Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

So how does it work? The game comes with 250 prompt cards to use as the primary source of the fun. Each card comes with a tag that would best describe any participant. The primary challenge is about who is most likely to do what a card says. For example, one of the cards says, who is most likely to watch planet earth for 5 hours. The participants can then vote who among them matches the card description.

Therefore, the game is suitable to play with people you know pretty well. It sure can get real and probably spike some emotions, but if used with the right people, then it would be all fun. As a gift, the game will be an excellent selection for party nights with other friends. It is easy to play and is glued to getting the excitement around a group of friends, colleagues or family.