Gabriel-Glas Mouth-Blown Austrian Crystal Wine Glass Set

Wine drinkers will agree that the choice of wine glass makes a difference. It doesn’t matter what kind of wine you choose to have.

Whether it’s red or white, sweet or dry, light or robust, the wine needs to be served right to help bring out its flavors and aromas.

It’s for these reasons that you will find all types of wine glasses in the market designed for different categories of wine.

Gabriel-Glas decided to make things way easier for wine aficionados by producing this wedding gift set of 2 mouth blown Austrian wine glasses.

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Detailed information about Gabriel-Glas Mouth-Blown Austrian Crystal Wine Glass Set

Every wine lover needs an everyday wine glass, perfectly solid and suitable to use for both red and white wine. This set ticks the box and will surely make a wine-drinking experience more enjoyable.

They are perfectly designed and shaped to bring out the best presentation of red, white, dessert, and sparkling wine.

The glasses feature a slightly conical design that not only complements the shape of the glass but also encloses and concentrates the aroma. This way, the wine drinker gets to enjoy the full flavor and aroma of the wine.

These glasses are quite impressive and elegant. However, the design doesn't comprise functionality. They made of mouth-blown Austrian glass crystals.

They are extremely durable and sturdy. What more, they are dishwasher friendly, a quality that makes them easy to care for.


Shaped in a slight conical design to maximize aromas and wine flavors

They are lightweight, durable and capacious

Suitable for any variety of wine

Dishwasher friendly

They occupy less space