Jupiter MOVA Globe

The rotating Jupiter Globe by MOVA will look absolutely amazing on anyone’s desk or shelf.

The rotating Globe is something special and a great home and office gift for just about any occasion. It brings the exceptional beauty of the solar system to your personal space.

With a minimal look and its hypnotizing rotation, the planet globe is bound to mesmerize anyone who comes close to it.

It’s an astronomical beauty that will sit elegantly on a desk or tabletop surface and simply bring elegance to the entire space.

When it rotates, the colors shine quietly around it, a scene so captivating you might find yourself transfixed by the sheer movement of this beautiful planet.

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Detailed information about Jupiter MOVA Globe

This is a first of its kind innovation that combines technology and brilliant graphics to create something so simple yet so elegant.

It only takes one look to realize that the MOVA Jupiter globe is truly something special. It's a beautiful depiction of one of the largest planet in the solar system and even includes the Great Red Spot.

It measures approximately 4.5" in diameter. It's a tad larger than a softball, and it can fit in the palm of your hand.

Once the base is assembled, the piece will stand approximately 7" tall and weighs about 4 pounds.

This item is handmade using non-toxic fluids and acrylic shells. It comes with 3-pronged acrylic stands which are absolutely easy to assemble.

The seller also includes a user manual in the package, so there is a chance that the recipient will find it hard to assemble this magnificent piece.


A lovely depiction of planet Jupiter

Build using advanced technology

Features distinctive graphics

A unique piece for home and office decoration