Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

For those that love a good pun, Punderdome is sure to be a new favorite game to bust out for game night! Each round involves creating a new pun based on two prompts – best pun wins! A great game to play with groups large and small – fun is sure to be had by all!

Specs: This game set includes 200 double-sided cards. 100 cards are white and 100 are green. The white cards contain nouns and the green cards contain verbs. Each round, one white and one green card gets pulled and players have 90 seconds to create a pun utilizing the two prompts. Best pun wins. This set also includes two notepads that can be used for writing down puns and some example puns to get everyone in the right mindset!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who loves to host a game night. This is a totally unique card game that will be a welcome addition to any game repertoire. This is especially a great gift for anyone who loves making their own jokes or puns – they will excel with this game!

What we like: We like how simple the game is – simply create a pun from the prompt! This is also a great game that can be adapted for small or large groups. Play with as few as 3 people or with larger groups. We like the example puns that can help provide some inspiration or simply give everyone a good laugh along the way.

What we don’t like: You are only supposed to have 90 seconds but in some cases, you might want to forget about the time limit – it can actually be pretty difficult to create a pun in that short amount of time! Some may find this game to be too difficult, but for those with a quick mind and a great sense of humor, you are sure to really enjoy it.

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Simple game

Card game

Can be played by small or large groups


There's a time limit which may not suit everyone