The Little Book of Cottagecore: Traditional Skills for a Simpler Life

We certainly live in a modern era and while that comes with it plenty of perks, the reality is that many of us have never learned about plenty of basic skills in life. This book The Little Book of Cottagecore is here to help change that! The book will have you transported back to a simpler time in life and learning skills that you likely haven’t had to rely on in the modern era. Learn to cook food items from scratch, how to make a candle, how to properly tend a garden, and so much more!

Specs: This book is 256 pages of delightful information on all topics considered traditional skills that the modern person probably does not have. All of the topics center around the home but span from cooking, to gardening, to sewing, and a lot more. The content is balanced between inspirational passages to get you in the right mindset and practical information and step-by-step info on accomplishing all of the various skills discussed in the book.

Why it’s a great gift: We think this would make for a great gift for anyone who either just purchased a home or who is trying to spend less time with technology and instead take on more projects at home. There is a lot of very practical advice and information in this book, as well as plenty of inspiration to encourage anyone to step back from technology, even if just for a little while!

What we like: We like that there is a wide variety of topics in this book, so that even if certain topics don’t interest you, you are sure to find a section that you enjoy or that contains information that you don’t already know about. There is really something for everyone!

What we don’t like: We wish there was a bit more inspirational content to truly inspire although there is plenty in this book, however there is more of an emphasis on how-to guides and things like recipes. If that is what you are looking, for you will love this book!

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256 pages

All about gardening, cooking, sewing and lots of other home projects


Emphasis on cooking recipes