Manly Man Soap -100% Natural Skin Care Bar

This Manly Soap from Seattle Sundries is an excellent stocking stuffer for this coming holiday festivities. It’s not only small and compact; a perfect tiny trinket for stuffing in a stocking, but it’s also a great soap for men. Getting big presents for loved ones is a great thing, but finding the perfect small gift to stuff in a stocking is an excellent way to celebrate everyone in the gift-giving season.

Men sometimes tend not to pay great attention to stuff like skincare essentials. That’s why it would be a great thing to remind them to take care of their skin with this natural skin care bar. The soap not only smells terrific but its carefully handcrafted to ensure quality. This biodegradable body soap is specially made to nurture and take care of men’s skin.

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Detailed information about Manly Man Soap -100% Natural Skin Care Bar

The soap is carefully and skillfully handmade from scratch using natural ingredients, scents, and colors. The soaps are made in a small batch to ensure attention to details and high quality. Each bar is then given time to set and cure before its packaged. The ingredients are natural, and they will gently nourish the skin and leave it perfectly clean. The ingredients include moisturizing oils, botanicals, and soothing clays. There are no synthetic additives added to this natural skin care bar.

The essential oils used to make this manly man soap include coconut oil which provides ample lather, bubbles, moisturizes the skin and makes the soap last longer. The bar also contains olive oil which nourishes the skin and its mild to the skin making the bar ideal for sensitive skin.


It made of 100% moisturizing natural oils and scents

It is biodegradable

It comes nicely packaged in a reusable and recyclable tin

Its long lasting