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Top Shelf “In Loving Memory” Memory Jar

Coping with the loss of a member of the family is always a difficult thing to handle. The remaining family members often feel guilty as memories of the departed become garbled and eventually become forgotten. A good way to halt this natural forgetfulness is to instate an “In Loving Memory” memory jar from TopShelf.

The idea behind the memory jar is to collect little bits and pieces that remind the owner of the ‘good times’ shared with the departed during their lifetime and place them all inside the jar along with tickets filled out by those who are at the funeral remembering the good times they had.

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Then when the departed one is remembered, perhaps while the mood is one of melancholy, the mementoes will serve as a focus of the good times rather than the sad times. You or the recipient of this lovely gift can fill it with all the wonderful memories of the dearly departed and allow the rest of the family to share the memories that handling and looking at these mementoes will invoke.

The complete Memory Jar kit comes with 180 wish tickets, a pen, a plaque that can be written on over and over again, and a decorative lid.


A handy jar and all the items needed to make a memory jar

A memory jar is very therapeutic and a good way to handle the death of a loved one