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Beverly Oaks Chakra Mineral Starter Set/Crystal Healing Kit

Crystals are simply beautiful. A majority of people believe that they also promote spiritual, emotional and physical healing. It’s believed that they are perfect healing tools, draw out all the negative energy and bring in positive energy, emotional balance, and inner stability. That’s why they are popularly found in health spas where people need total inner piece as they heal their bodies and nourish they minds.

These small precious stones and crystals are a perfect gift idea to that spiritual person in your life who believes in the power of positive energy and lives for emotional stability. If you are already searching for the perfect set of crystals and gemstones for a gift, look no further. The Beverly Oaks Chakra crystal healing kit with six colorful mineral stones and seven Chakra tumbled gemstones is simply the best gift kit you could ever lay your hands on.

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Detailed information about Beverly Oaks Chakra Mineral Starter Set/Crystal Healing Kit

Crystals are believed to have an amazing ability to support the mind. And this specially handcrafted healing gemstones will be a great treat to a loved who craves for inner healing power and emotional stability. This particular kit contains crystals with precise minerals, specially handpicked according to their special healing properties. The crystals are exclusively chosen from the highest-grade specimens according to the seller.


The crystals are available in six colorful minerals

The Chakra set consists of seven polished gemstones

The Chakra set comes with a beautiful black velvet bag

The set and the healing kit are packaged in a beautiful box ready for gifting


The stones are smaller than expected