Spiritual Gifts

Shopping for someone who is very spiritual can feel like a challenge. Understanding that someone is very religious or spiritual is important, and often times a major part of that person’s life, but making sure that you get an appropriate and non-offensive gift can be tricky. Thankfully, spiritual gifts are still wonderful gift ideas, and we are here to help you find the perfect one! Our gift guide is filled with appropriate, unique, and thoughtful spiritual gifts that will be perfect for that spiritual person in your life. Perhaps it is a friend you know from church, a parent, grandparent, or coworker. This is sure to be a very special gift for them and we are happy to help you select the right thing. Our selection of spiritual gifts span a wide range so that no matter what religion or belief set the person you are shopping for has, you are sure to find a relevant gift that they will appreciate.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Spiritual Gift

On the lookout for the perfect spiritual gift? No matter who you are shopping sure, be sure to keep these 10 things in mind and you are sure to end up with the perfect gift!

1. Be careful to avoid being offensive

The most important think to keep in mind when shopping for a spiritual gift is that you never want to be offensive. While this is never something you would intentionally do, it can sometimes accidentally happen when it comes to a person’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Make sure you are getting a gift that could not be interpreted as making fun of or belittling their beliefs.

2. Understand their beliefs first

This is also incredibly important! Make sure you know what the person you are shopping for believes in! If you are unsure, take the time to do your research, or ultimately, decide on a different gift. Either ask the person directly, or consult with their family and friends. Giving a gift that doesn’t make sense given their beliefs is a major gift giving faux pas!

3. Encourage meditation

Meditation is a major part of just about any spiritual person’s life, or if it isn’t, it should be! While also keeping in mind tip #2, consider getting someone either a book on meditation, or a gift that will help them with meditating. This gives them the chance to unwind and relax and connect with whatever their beliefs are. A wonderful gift option anyone would appreciate!

4. Consider a personalized gift

Personalized gifts and very meaningful and special regardless of whether they have a spiritual element or not, but they are even more so when they are spiritual. Whether you get a framed picture of a special moment or find a spiritual gift that you can engrave with the person’s name or initials, this is an excellent way to take a gift and turn it into something truly special- perfect for those very special occasions or big milestones.

5. Books are always a good idea

You can’t go wrong with a spiritual book! There are tons and tons of books out there on just about any religión or spiritual belief. Consider getting them a nice book they haven’t read before that will help them to learn, or simply further appreciate, their own beliefs.

6. Engage in conversation

Give the gift of conversation! Many spiritual individuals love sharing with others their own beliefs, but many do not have the opportunity to do so or are worried about offending another person who may think differently. Instead, extend the opportunity to them and let them share with you what they believe. Coupled with a nice gift, you are sure to make them feel incredibly special and important, and what could be a better gift than that?

7. Give a gift of service

Spiritual people are wonderful, kind hearted people that often times give back to their community. Why not do the same as part of your gift to them! Agree to go with them the next time they are volunteering, or set up an act of service on your own and let them know it is ‘in their honor’ and invite them to join in. This is a gift that will make you feel good, make them feel good, and help out others in need! That is a winning combination!

8. Be careful with humor

In an effort to not offend (as mentioned in tip one), do not give a humorous gift unless you are sure they will understand your intent behind the gift. If you are unsure how they will react, that is your sign to go with something different!

9. Remember important moments

For religious individuals, there are likely important moments in their life that they look back fondly on. This may be a wedding, a first communion, or bar mitzvah, just to name a few common examples. Consider getting a picture from that day printed and framed- that is always sure to be a wonderful gift they will appreciate for years to come.

10. Home decor can be great

Finally, various decor items are a wonderful gift idea for spiritual individuals. There are plenty of spiritual themed items that any spiritual or religious person would love to have in their home to help keep them connected to their belief.

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How To Choose Meaningful Spiritual Gifts

For many people, their religion or spiritual beliefs are a very important part of their life. That makes for a wonderful gift idea and comes with it a set of really meaningful gifts that anyone is sure to love.

Perhaps you are shopping for a grandparent or aunt or uncle who is very religious. You may know what they believe, but not what to get them! That is alright. We are here to help. Our gift guide is filled with plenty of appropriate spiritual gifts. All you need to know is who it is you are shopping for and we will take care of the rest. All of the gifts on this list make for wonderful presents that anyone would truly love.

Is there a religious holiday coming up? Perhaps Christmas or Easter are right around the corner and you want to get a nice spiritual gift. That makes perfect sense! We have selected gifts that celebrate religious holidays so that you can easily make the right decision.

Gifts for Every Person & Budget

While many people follow a specific religion, there are still plenty of individuals who are simply more spiritual and maybe do not practice or follow a specific religion. Do you know someone who fits this description? We’ve got them covered too! Our gift guide contains plenty of general spiritual gifts that this person is sure to love.

A person’s spirituality or religion is often a major source of comfort for them, and a meaningful gift can help provide them with even more comfort, especially during difficult times. Perhaps you know someone who has just lost their job or lost a loved one. While a gift cannot replace the person or thing they have lost, it can help to comfort them. If you know someone in this situation, sometimes all you can do is offer your support and send them a gift to remind them you are thinking of them.

If there is a religious holiday coming up, or if you are simply shopping for a spiritual person and know how important their beliefs are to them, take a look through our gift guide and see what you find. We are sure you will find the perfect gift in no time. Don’t waste any more time, start shopping today!