ETiny Gold Filled Faith Cross Necklace

The First Communion is always a special moment in a Catholic family’s life, as this is the first time their little one would receive the Eucharist, the bread and wine that symbolizes the body of Christ. And because this is an important tradition that most Catholic families honor, a special gift commemorating this day is always on the list.

We found the best and most appropriate gift for young girls that they will surely love, and that is this dainty gold filled faith cross necklace from Efytal.

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Detailed information about ETiny Gold Filled Faith Cross Necklace

Handmade with love, this artisan-made necklace features a round pendant with a cross stamped on it and both, the 18-inch chain and round pendant are made with 14kt gold. It is important to note that this necklace is ‘gold filled’, meaning that it is very durable as it is a thick layer of gold bonded to brass, making it the best gold metal to use aside from actual gold itself.

This lovely Christian necklace is elegant without being flashy, and its daintiness gives it its character. The small pendant and chain is also great for layering pieces as it does not overpower but accentuates. The daintiness of this necklace is a great size for little girls because it is lightweight.


Not only do you get a beautiful and sophisticated necklace, but you also get everything you need for gift giving like a gift bag and a box

Sweet, dainty but high quality

Durable and handmade