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Light Your Way Memorial Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

When dearly loved friends and family members pass on and become memories to the people left behind, it is often a comfort to light a candle in memory of them. This is especially so when family gatherings take place and thoughts inevitably turn to the missing loved one.

This candle from Light Your Way Memorial is a beautifully made piece of ceramic ware and really is a suitable piece with which to remember a special loved one. The candle can be lit whenever family and friends get together to give peace of mind that the loved one may be lost but certainly is not forgotten.

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Detailed information about Light Your Way Memorial Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

The candle is about 8oz, made from soy, has a refreshing tranquil scent and will burn for approximately 33 hours. Once the candle has been completely used up, the recipient has two choices: either use the handy ceramic vessel for the safekeeping of small pieces of jewelry or personal bits and pieces together on a dressing table or in a bedroom or buy some tea light candles to continue using the container as a candle holder.

The advantage of this is that the sentimental message will still be visible and will continue to remind the owner that their loved one is still remembered in their heart. For those of you who would prefer another message written on the ceramic container, the seller supplies the same container with many different messages. We are sure you will find a message to suit your requirements.


The ceramic container has a sentimental message written on it

The candle itself is an 8oz soy candle that will burn for about 33 hours

After the candle has been used up, the container can be used for holding small items of jewellery or use with a replacement tea light candle