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Blinggem Religioug Cross Bracelet Reviewed

Many people, who follow the Christian faith, also love to wear the principle Christian symbol as jewelry to be a reminder of their faith. This beautiful 925 Sterling Silver bracelet from BlingGem is a beautiful example of this kind of jewelry but in a very feminine style. The bracelet is made from 925 Sterling Silver with parts being plated with White Gold. It bears the dominant Christian symbol of the Cross together with a symbol of infinity and a small heart to add to the decoration.

Although the bracelet is delicate and feminine it is a sturdy piece of jewelry that will be suitable for young girls as well as the more mature type of woman. It measures 17cm long and has a 3cm extension so you can be sure that it will fit most female wrists without being too tight.

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Detailed information about Blinggem Religioug Cross Bracelet Reviewed

The bracelet comes with a BlingGem black jewelry presentation box just right for a suitable gift for birthdays, graduation, Christmas, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even a romantic gift to say “I Love You”. It is even better suited to give as a Christening gift for babies (don’t let the child play with it until she is much older however) from her God Parents or when she becomes older and is Confirmed into her church.

Just imagine the look on her face when she opens the elegant black box and sees what is within. This gift would be suitable for your mother, wife, daughter, sister, and girlfriend or even for a special close friend. It is so simple and classic that it should match almost every outfit she has in her closet. She will love you forever if you present her with this beautiful yet simple gift professing her faith.


Made from real Sterling Silver plated with white gold

Feminine design yet a sturdy piece of jewelry

This would delight almost any Christian woman