“Promises From God for Women” – A Box of Blessings

If you are looking for an inspirational or spiritual gift to give to a loved one or a group of special friends this small Box of Box of blessings with 51 double-sided cards could be what you are looking for. It comes filled with cards printed with inspirational quotes and scriptures meant to uplift and encourage the receiver.

This little box will be an excellent gift to someone close to you as a box, or you can distribute the cards out to the special women in your life. The cards are quite are a thoughtful gift that will undoubtedly be received with love and a heart full of gratitude. They pass encouraging messages meant to uplift someone’s spirit and remind them of the promises of God.

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Detailed information about “Promises From God for Women” – A Box of Blessings

The cards which measure approximately 2 1/4'' x 3 3/8" come packed in a sturdy lidded box. Each of the cards is designed with beautiful artwork all around, and each has inspirational scriptures meant to inspire and encourage women who believe in the goodness of God.

If you have a special woman in your life who loves keeping a journal of inspirational scriptures, this Box of Promises from God will be a blessing to them. Alternatively, you can choose to distribute the 51 cards to a group of your women friends when you are having brunch or a bible study session. This way, you will be able to give each of them a card that best fits their situation and encourage them individually.


The cards are available in hardcover format

They come packaged in a sturdy lidded box

The cards can be given out as a box or passed out singly to different people