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Angel Candle Holder

If you have a special person in your life who is going through a difficult time and needs encouragement and uplifting, you can comfort them with a spiritual or a sympathy gift. This is a lovely way to show them that they are in your thoughts and you are there for them. Ordinarily, people choose to do this through flowers and cards. While this is still a great idea, it’s pretty normal and predictable. Besides, flowers are temporary and gifts are forever.

Why not get a spiritual gift that is practical and unique. In case you still don’t know what to get, worry no more. The angel candle holder from Dulaya Memories will not only comfort a loved one, but it will also uplift their spirits and give them peace and help them pull through the difficult moment in their life.

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Detailed information about Angel Candle Holder

The candle holder is uniquely shaped into the shape of an angel. It is made of granite-like material and measures approximately 6"- tall and 4" thick from front to back. The statue is meticulously shaped into a fine piece of art. It will always look right wherever its placed and seamless match with the surroundings.

In case you missed a funeral, this candle holder will be the best gift to show love, commemorate and honor the loss. It will not only offer a sense of peace to the receiver, but it will also be a thoughtful keepsake that will always be there to comfort them long after the flowers have weathered and discarded.


An inspirational piece of art for comforting loved ones grieving for the loss of a life

Made of quality material

Comes nicely packaged with a dedication card

A thoughtful keepsake and a unique way to comfort and express your condolences