Light and Love Pawprints Left by You Memorial Lantern

The loss of a dear friend can really cause grief and sadness, but these emotions are not just confined to the loss of people, the loss of animal friends can be just as painful and sometimes even more so. Pets, whether it is a dog or cat, budgerigar or hamster can really be the cause of serious emotional attachment to their owners and companions.

Just like a deceased person, the loss of a special and much-loved pet can cause much sadness and grief that will have to be eventually sorted out so that only the good times are remembered. This lovely bereavement gift for a friend or family member who has lost a loyal and trusted animal companion will be forever appreciated and used as a focus for love and good memories. It is a “Light and Love Pawprints Left By You Memorial Lantern” from The Grandparent Gift Co.

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Detailed information about Light and Love Pawprints Left by You Memorial Lantern

The lantern measures about 10” high x 4.75”wide x 4.75” deep and is made from black metal with glass paneled inserts. On top, there is a hanging loop and on the base are four small feet, this lantern can hang or stand anywhere, either indoors or outdoors and can help the person cope with the loss of their animal companion.

Inside the lantern, there is a 3” flickering LED electric candle that is powered using three AAA batteries. The lantern is made in such a way that if preferred a real wax candle can be used to provide illumination in place of the LED candle.


This is a well made and sturdy black metal lantern with clear glass panels

It has a sentimental message written on the opening glass door

Use the flickering battery LED candle or use a real wax candle

The memorial lantern can hang or stand anywhere inside or outside

The size of the lantern is large enough not to be at the mercy of any outside wind, yet small enough to easily sit on an indoor display shelf