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Grief F*cking Hurts, Write That Sh*t Down: Grieving Journal

When grieving for a loss, he memories could be in the form of a special song or picture, a poem or another way of writing from the heart. Not all of these are easy to get across to another person but somehow they make sense to the person writing.

This journal that is for sale from Nature Publishing is called “Grief F*cking Hurts, Write That Sh*t Down”. How true is that sentiment? Grief does hurt and the only way to get rid of it is to externalize it in some way. The Grieving Journal is the answer.

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The journal has 100 pages of quality lined paper and has an un-dated date box in the top corner. The griever can dip in and out of the journal as needed and read or write healing words as required. This item will make a perfect gift for anyone who is experiencing grief and will let them know that you love them even if other people have passed on.


The Grieving Journal is a way of externalizing emotions that are hampering healing after the loss of a loved one

One hundred pages of high quality lined journal paper

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