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Pavilion Gift Company 19058 Light Your Way

When a friend loses a loved one, you certainly do not know how to approach the situation. It is a hurting time, and it would make sense if you hang in there with them during the tough times. Also, you could get them a sympathy gift that would speak more than what you would express personally.

The good thing is that they get to keep the gift for a long time as a memory for their loved ones and the moments you showed you cared for them. This garden stone from Pavilion Gift Company is the ideal gift for someone that is grieving the loss of a loved one.

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One thing that stands out with the stone is the encouraging message it carries. It comforts those that have lost loved ones with a message that the starts are openings where loved ones shine down to show their happiness. This message says more than words could mean for a grieving person.

The stone is suitable for both the indoors and outdoors. It has a weather-resistant coating that protects the stone material to maintain the condition for a long time. The print is permanent, and the gold detail makes it even more beautiful. However, the stone should not be used outside during extreme weather conditions such as winter and rainy seasons.