Christian Art Gifts Prayer Cards In Tin | My Prayers – 50 Double Sided Cards

For many, prayer is so important and this gorgeous prayer card tin is a beautiful way to hold prayer cards that you can either read for yourself or pass along to family and friends. The tin itself is beautiful to look at and the prayers inside are just as beautiful to read and reflect on. The dual-sided cards feature prayers on one side and a blank side perfect for writing in your own prayer, a perfect opportunity to write a personalized prayer to a loved one.

Specs: This tin features a beautiful floral design along with ‘my prayers’ written on one side. Inside the tin, there are 50 prayer cards that are all dual-sided. One side features a prayer (there are a variety) and the back says ‘my prayers’ along with some lines so that you can write in your own personal prayer or perhaps a note to a friend or family member. Each card measures 3 and a half inches by 4.3 inches.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift because of the content itself and how beautifully it is presented. This is a wonderful gift for a family member, friend, or perhaps a coworker who is Christian and will appreciate the prayers but also appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to share these words with other people in her life.

What we like: We like the beautiful design of the tin- it is great to display at home or at your office on your desk! We like that there are a variety of prayers included and like the idea of getting to write a personal prayer to either keep or to share with a loved one.

What we don’t like: We wish these cards were a little bigger so that you had more room to write a prayer or just some words of encouragement for someone, make sure you write small or perhaps consider giving a few cards to someone!


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50 dual-sided cards

option to write your own prayer on cards

Beautifully presented



Cards are small in size, may be difficult to read