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‘Forever in My Heart Terra Cotta’ Candle

When a loved one has passed on, it is always a difficult time for those in the family who are left behind to grieve. Eventually, the grieving period ends but the departed one is still in our thoughts and prayers. This is a natural process that almost everyone goes through and is a process of remembering the departed family member. This remembering brings comfort to the family and imparts a sense of love and security while knowing that the departed one is still in their memories and so is not truly forgotten.

This process often needs a physical item to focus on and to be the center of our meditations, prayers and memories and this candle holder from Pavilion Gift Company, helps to focus the memories of the family.

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Detailed information about ‘Forever in My Heart Terra Cotta’ Candle

In the top of the globe, there is an indentation the correct size to hold a commercially available standard sized tea light candle. There is also a metal lid (in the shape of a leaf) designed to cover over the tea light when not in use. For your information, one tea light candle is included in the package but we advise you to purchase some spares as each tea light lasts for about four or five hours on continuous burning.

Tea light candles are not expensive and are available in any hardware shop that sells candles, a supermarket or they can be bought online. If you don’t like this sentimental message, the same company sells other terra cotta globes with different messages so there is a good chance that you can find one that suits you and your purpose.


This candle holder is made from beautiful white colored terra cotta

It has a sentimental message inscribed on the side

It has an indentation specifically designed to hold a commercially available tea light candle

Has an attractive metal lid to cover the tea light when it is not in use