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The Passion Translation – Eight in One Collection

For those who study scripture and the beautiful words of the bible, this translation of the Passion including a collection of eight of the books of the Bible would make a thoughtful and spiritual gift.

This collection brings the word of God to all people in a simpler and more user-friendly way.

Anyone who has a love for the words of the Bible but can occasionally have a difficult time understanding all of the nuances, this book is an absolute must-have.

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The different verses and books of the Bible are all too often difficult to verbalize and understand.

Sometimes literal translations just don’t bring the full meaning to light when one is reading directly from the Bible.

Dr. Brian Simmons has managed to interpret eight powerful books of the Bible in a way that speaks to the hearts of many.

He has transliterated the passages from The Book of Matthew, Hebrews and James, Psalms, Song of Songs, The Book of John, Letters from Heaven, Proverbs, and Luke and Acts.

Simmons along with his wife and three children spent many years working as missionaries in the tropical rainforests of Panama in the Darien Province.

They spent almost eight years among the indigenous peoples of Panama translating and spreading the word of God to all that were willing to listen and had a hunger to learn.


The word of God translated into an easy to understand and more user-friendly form

Twelve-hundred pages of interpretations of eight books of the New Testament of the bible

Written by Dr. Brian Simmons and available in paperback