Twin Saints Bible Verse Leather Tray ‘I Am with You Always’ from Matthew 28:20

Giving an inspirational or spiritual gift can be very satisfying. Such gifts always have a meaning or a deep message that conveys that you carefully chose it and put some thought into it.

These are thoughtful gifts meant to inspire the recipient and help them live better lives and always feel good about their daily experiences and existence.

Could you be looking for an item to comfort and offer insight and hope to a loved one or a special friend? If so, we believe this leather tray with a bible verse by Twin Saints completely fits the bill.

Embossed with a bible verse from Mathew 28:20 which quotes Jesus when he said “I am with you always,” this lovely tray might just be what it takes to comfort and assure the recipient.

To a religious person, who understands God’s love this verse carries a lot of weight, the more reason as to why this will make a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

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Detailed information about Twin Saints Bible Verse Leather Tray ‘I Am with You Always’ from Matthew 28:20

This tray will make an excellent gift for celebrating life's precious moments like baptism, communion, and confirmation.

If a loved one is going away, far from home, this tray might be the perfect gift to strengthen their faith wherever they are.

Give this tray to your son as a baptism gift or to your husband in the army as a military gift, because every day is a great chance to share God's blessings and grace.

This beautiful tray serves as a memorable keepsake, and just like the verse quoted, it will always be there as a reminder of one of their life's major milestone.


A desk tray made using heavy leather

A long-lasting and a memorable keepsake

A great gift item for religious occasions