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“Your Wings Were Ready My Heart Was Not” Necklace

Losing a loved is quite a difficult experience and dealing with it is even harder. You may try to comfort the person the best way you know, but often, the right words fail us. What you actually need is to offer them support with a remembrance gift that will last for a long time.

Don’t just give flowers, for they wilt, get creative and look for a gift that will not only comfort, but it will also celebrate and honor a life lost. This stainless-steel necklace will make an excellent memorial gift to the special person in your life who has lost a loved one. It will always be a comforting reminder to them and will always stay close to their heart.

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Detailed information about “Your Wings Were Ready My Heart Was Not” Necklace

This necklace will put your feelings and emotions into words. The attached bar which measures approximately 2” tall is engraved with a lovely message which reads “Your Wings Were Ready My Heart Was Not." A close to heart message that will always offer consolation to the bereaved.

This lovely charm is designed with two wings to accompany the message. The wings add a sense of peace to the entire piece and are delicately attached to the long chain. This is a grief necklace which is meant to celebrate and honor a life lost.


A quality necklace made from stainless steel

The bar carries a special message to comfort the bereaved person

A lasting memorial necklace for remembrance  of a life lost