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The loss of a loved one is something you can never prepare for. It is a difficult time in life where the support of family and friends can be incredibly important. You should never have to go through a period of loss by yourself. If you know someone who has just lost a loved one, being there for them and supporting them is one of the best things you can do. While nothing you do can change what has happened, showing your support can help make things easier. You may also want to consider getting someone a memorial gift as well. This gift can help comfort the person who has experienced the loss and give them a positive memory to hold onto. It can be challenging to figure out the appropriate memorial gifts to get someone, but we are here to help. Check out our gift guide to find some ideas.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Memorial Gift

Looking for the right gift to give as a memorial gift? Keep these 10 things in mind while you shop and you will be sure to come up with the perfect idea.

1. When in doubt, ask

This is certainly a gift that you don’t want to ‘screw up.’ Of course, your heart is in the right place, but you don’t want to accidentally upset anyone. Consider asking around to other family or friends if they know of something that they think the person would enjoy or find comforting. It certainly can’t hurt to ask, and it may give you a really good idea you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

2. Honor any requests

For example, if you want to send the person flowers, but they have politely requested they do not want any, make sure to honor their request. Just because something would be comforting to you does not mean it would be for them.

Whatever their reason is, be sure to respect it. We also think it is best to not push or ask them questions - this is a hard enough situation as it is, they do not need to deal with answering additional questions. If they made a decision, honor it.

3. Consider a favorite hobby

Did the person who passed away enjoy nature? Was there a certain park they frequented? A great memorial gift idea is to do something such as plant a tree or donate a bench with a plaque. This will keep their memory alive in a location that you know meant a lot to them and is something that friends and family can go and visit.

4. Incorporate an old memory

This may be a photograph, letter, or even an item that was important. If you have access to it (perhaps it is something that you owned), consider either giving it to the person or using it as part of your gift. You could get a photograph framed, or enlarged, or have a letter preserved and framed.

5. Consider an inspirational quote

Uplifting quotes can have a very positive impact on a person’s life. Thankfully, there are plenty of gift ideas that feature a quote or passage. From a piece of artwork to a plaque, these are great options that a person can have on display to help give them strength and remind them of those who are no longer here.

6. Personalize something

A great way to turn any gift into a thoughtful one is by personalizing it- either with the person’s name, their birthday, or even a picture of them. This helps to keep their memory alive and can be very comforting to the person who is struggling with the loss.

7. Get what will comfort them, not you

Always keep in mind that the memorial gift you are getting should be something that you think would comfort the person you are shopping for, not necessarily something that would comfort you.

It is easy to take on the mindset of thinking what would make you feel better, but your friend or family member may feel a different way. Take some time to really think about what they would enjoy - you would never intentionally get them something they wouldn’t like, but you don’t want to do so by accident either!

8. Coordinate with friends and family

You don’t want to overwhelm someone with a bunch of the same, or similar, gifts. Talk with close friends and family to see what everyone thinks is best and make sure you all have something unique to give. Or, consider getting one joint gift instead.

9. Give the gift of time

This can be in addition to a gift or simply the gift itself- be sure to make yourself available as much as possible given your situation. Be sure to respect a person’s wish for privacy if they want it, but make sure you reach out and let them know you are there for them if they need you.

With some time, they are sure to take you up on that offer and be appreciative to have a support system to lean on.

10. Make a donation

Sometimes, the best memorial gift is to use your money to make a donation in the person’s honor. This is especially great if they had a favorite charity that they supported. This will mean a lot to the person who is grieving and is a wonderful way to make a positive impact in the world.

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A Selection of Comforting Memorial Gifts

We can all agree that dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy. Anyone who has lost someone knows how difficult it is, and how important it is to be surrounded by close friends and family to help you get through it. It is also difficult for friends and family who are trying their best to be supportive. A lot of people worry that they aren’t helping enough, or aren’t doing the right thing.

Do you find yourself in this situation? If you know someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one, of course, all you want to do is help. Sometimes, you just don’t know how. The truth is, everyone handles grief differently. Some people want to talk about the person they have lost, while others are not comfortable speaking about it. It can make it hard to know what to do, even though your heart is in the right place.

Oftentimes just being around and showing your support for this person can be a major help. It is comforting to know that you are not alone during a difficult time. For many people, they want to give some type of memorial gift in order to help celebrate the life of whoever passed away. Do you feel the same way? This is a wonderful way to honor the person who is no longer here and makes for a great gift that will be truly appreciated.

Keeping the Memory of Loved Ones Alive

A big fear that people have when they lose someone is that they will forget about them or their memories together will start to fade. It is an understandable fear and something that you can help lessen by getting the perfect memorial gift. The right gift will, with time, be such a source of comfort for the person who has experienced the loss. Once the pain fades away, you will want to look back happily on the memories you did share with the person you lost. It takes everyone a different amount of time, but eventually, you will get to a happier point.

For you, you can help with this process by showing your support and also giving a thoughtful memorial gift. Of course, you want the gift to be perfect and don’t want to upset the person you are giving it to. If you are unsure what the right gift is, we are here to help you. We have created this gift guide filled with all different types of memorial gifts. This should help you decide what you think the perfect gift is for the person you are shopping for.

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If you have a friend or family member who is currently dealing with the loss of a loved one, consider looking through our memorial gift guide to see what you can find. A thoughtful gift can go a long way at showing how much you truly care about the person who is grieving. Feeling support from family and friends is a sure way that they can slowly start to heal and move on from the pain they are experiencing. A gift is just one of many ways you can help them, so be sure to use our guide to help you out.