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Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence

This devotional and daily aspirational book, written by author Sarah Young, and is comprised of her personal reflections while quietly interacting with Jesus through prayer, journaling, and thoughtful contemplation of her savior.

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Sarah Young and her husband have traveled to Australia and Japan as missionaries, spreading the word of God through the scriptures and extolling the love of Jesus Christ. Throughout their travels and spreading the word of the lord, Sarah felt compelled to chronicle her experiences through the eyes of a devout Christian. Then Sarah had the thought that with her pen and journal she could listen to God’s word and write down what she felt He was trying to say to her.

Eventually, this became a dialogue of sorts, and “Jesus Calling” is what became of that conversation. Through her personal day to day reflections and “conversations” with God, coupled with her immense love of Jesus, Sarah Young attempts to show us how to get closer to God and how to listen closely and hear His words. This book is a collection of daily messages that are meant to help the reader find his or her own path to Christ and to enhance and perfect their relationship with Our Savior. Done in a devotional format, the lessons are meant to be taken in a day by day measure that will help the reader to find their way a step at a time.


This listing is for the hardcover version, but it is also available in paperback, audiobook, Kindle and MP3 formats

Four hundred pages of daily devotional and inspirational messages

Best selling book that worldwide has sold over 25 million copies