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Personalized ‘I Lived While I Was Strong’ Memorial Candle Holder

The loss of a loved one in your circle of friends or in the family can be a grievous blow to anyone, not least the people who were closest to the deceased. At times like this, the family members who are left behind need something to comfort them in their grief. Often it is something as simple as a candle mounted in a small ceramic container or in this case a beautifully crafted cherry wood holder for three candles.

The wood is beautifully engraved with a sympathetic and personalized message giving the departed one’s name, date of birth and date of death.

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Detailed information about Personalized ‘I Lived While I Was Strong’ Memorial Candle Holder

This candle holder from Life Song Milestones is a beautiful example of the type of product supplied by this seller. If the inscription is not suitable the seller offers the same wooden candle holder with five more different inscriptions. We would expect that there is at least one inscription among those that will suit your requirements.

The candle holder is made from solid cherry wood and measures 10” long x 4” high x 3” wide. Its measurements are just right to hold three votive tea light candles sitting inside their glass votives (these are supplied at no extra cost).

The wooden candle holder would make a lovely table centerpiece or if preferred can be kept on a display shelf ready to be lit when necessary. Do not use this outside unless it is suitably protected from sunlight, wind, and rain. Failure to do this will result in the wood becoming bleached, stained or split.


This memorial candle holder is beautifully made from real cherry wood

It is large enough to hold three votive tea lights and their glass holders

There are six different sentimental messages that the purchaser can choose from