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Comfort Candles – In Memory

Deciding how to express your sympathy at someone else’s loss can be a very difficult task. You have to decide how emotional you have to go to express your sympathy without making it worse for the grieving person. You also don’t want to stress the fact that the person about whom they are grieving is gone, never to return.

Instead, you should suggest that they are always near at hand, and helping out in difficult situations. One of the better remembrance gifts available on the market is the “In Memory” candle from Comfort Candles. The product is a lovely star pierced sphere sitting on a black painted steel stand. Inside the orb is placed a tea light candle which shines through the pierced star shapes.

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Detailed information about Comfort Candles – In Memory

The orb fitted into its stand measures about 6.5” tall (16cm) and it is suitable for indoors and outdoors use as long as the tea light candle is protected from the wind and rain. In our opinion, the inspirational message inscribed on the sphere is sentimental enough to allow the grief to be shared but at the same time is inherently positive and strives to bring the grieving person out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

If this inspirational message is not suitable for your purposes or you don’t like the design of the orb, then Comfort Candles sell many other types of candle holders with stands with various types of messages. The range of Comfort Candle products is made from terra cotta some of which have copper lids, glass accessories with etched designs or decorative wax candles.


Each member of the Comfort Candle range is a beautiful piece of handicraft in its own right

Each one has a suitable sympathetic inspirational message inscribed onto the candle

They look as beautiful unlit as they are when alight

A sympathetic remembrance gift will help a friend through a difficult time