Personalized Wine Bottle Glass Tray

Everyone has that friend that is always ready to indulge in a glass of wine. Apart from getting them their favorite wine, you could find something else to spice up the drinking spree. There are many wine accessories and essentials that match different styles to suit an individual.

This tray from Qualtry is the ultimate wine companion for friends and family. It is designed to serve wine in style while ensuring the safety of the glasses and bottle. The wine tray can be a gift for any occasion and suits both men and women. As long as they enjoy taking wine, this tray will be a hit.

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Detailed information about Personalized Wine Bottle Glass Tray

The tray is made of quality bamboo. It is designed to hold up to four glasses of wine and a bottle. It is hand-shaped to create a slot where the bottle can rest securely. It is, therefore, suitable for an outdoor picnic or an indoor set up with friends or family.

The tray can be personalized to add a touch of style to match the recipient's preferences. One needs to select whether or not they need to add the glass. Also, you will be required to quote the personalization text and style on the tray and the glass. With these details, the tray will be not only a handy item in the house but also a beautiful piece for the bar's décor.