Cangshan Knife Set

If there was one career path that really tests your limits, it is pursuing to become a chef. With years of culinary school, grueling internships with tough to impress executive chefs (also known as the mentors) and a hectic kitchen work environment.

We think it is safe to say that these iron chefs or chefs to be are pretty hard to impress when it comes to cooking food for them, so if you are thinking about it, we highly suggest that you just give them something they can use in the kitchen instead – like this awesome N1 Series 59205 German Steel forged knife Block Set by Cangshan.

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Detailed information about Cangshan Knife Set

This impressive set of knives is everything the chef in your life will ever need and more.

With a patent-pending design and a unique handle that is ergonomic and easier to grasp, cooking and preparing ingredients will be easier and smoother than ever.

If you are wondering how sharp it is, we can say with confidence that it is extremely sharp, but some of the knives are not and are described as “basically a spoon”, but that is because they are meant to be like that.

The Cangshan knife set also comes in a high-quality Acacia block so the precious yet hardy knives are stored safely in the block when not in use.


You can get as little as 2 pieces of knives plus a sheath to a whole 17 piece knife set

Approved by the National Sanitation Foundation

A bit expensive, but you get what you pay for, which is quality