The SPIRIT INFUSION KIT – Infuse Your Booze! 70+ Homemade Flavored Vodka Recipes

Summer is here, and the sun is shining brilliantly upon us. Other than soaking up in the warmth at the beach or in the pool, it’s time to indulge and quench the thirst with some refreshments.

Conversations seem to flow better with drinks in the mix, and this is because, often, cocktails are the perfect way to engage with friends, sit back and relax for some laughter during the summer months.

Now that summer is at the peak and its full bloom outside, parties and meet-ups are common events. You must have a family member or a friend who is always ready to host everybody and never runs out of drinks.

And because you were brought up well, you will always carry a kitchen gift for the host. We might have landed the perfect gift to spruce the party and for anyone who is always in the mood and ready for something boozy.

The spirit infusion kit by Craft Connections Co. will make anyone seem like they are seasoned mixologist.

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Detailed information about The SPIRIT INFUSION KIT – Infuse Your Booze! 70+ Homemade Flavored Vodka Recipes

The kit provides endless possibilities, and there is no limit on what you can infuse. It comes with everything needed to come up with all natural infused spirits.

It includes a recipe and instruction book which provides over 70 simple to follow recipes. You can throw in a few dill pickles to your dirty martini or use bacon and habanero peppers to infuse your Bloody Mary.

With this kit, there is no limit on what you can to infuse as long it tickles your fancy!

The recipes are pretty simple. You only need to add the ingredients into the infusion glass jar, which comes with the kit and give it enough time to extract the flavors amply. Perfect treat for any kitchen/foodie aficionado in your life!


A complete spirit infusion kit with all natural ingredients

Perfect DIY gift for home bar

A great conversation piece