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Classic Rock Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

The folks born before the millennial generation are more likely to understand the love and popularity of rock. Rock music influenced fashion, daily lives, language, and even attitudes. It was a way of life, and popular culture to the now matured fans.

The most prominent bands of that time like the Beatles still make a remarkable impression even to the current generation and maintain a considerable following.

It’s for this reason that we believe that, in your circle of friends or family members, you must have a rock and roll fan or music lover who still collects and listens to rock classics.

If you are looking for a fitting gift for this person, then this set of Classic Mistaken Lyrics Coasters by Bright Beam Goods will make an excellent home and office gift.

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Detailed information about Classic Rock Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

At some point, we all guilty of singing the wrong words even to our favorite song. It happens.

It's also possible that you might actually continue singing the wrong lyrics unless you hear someone sing the song correctly or see the right lyrics written somewhere.

Now, if your mom or dad is one those rock and roll lovers and you have caught them severally singing loudly to the wrong lyrics of their favorite classic rock music, here is golden chance to correct this situation once and for all!

Of course, they will argue that it's not about getting the lyrics right, but feeling the music, but deep inside they want to sing it right.

This home set of 6 coasters will save the situation, but most importantly, they will be received with smiles and open arms.


A set of 6 coasters laser engraved with classic rock mistaken lyrics

They are handcrafted from a natural material

A fun conversation piece

Great gift item for music lovers