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Modernist Cuisine at Home Hardcover

The book Modernist Cuisine at Home by Nathan Myhrvold and Maxine Bilet is dedicated to advancing the art of cooking through the creative application of scientific experimental techniques and knowledge.

It will change the reader’s view of food and the way they think about cooking. It opens a different world of culinary art and ushers in a myriad of possibilities and innovation to enthusiastic home cooks.

Technology isn’t the only thing that keeps changing in our modern society today. Kitchen equipment, gadgets, and the art of cooking have gone through tremendous changes over the years.

This book is designed to change the way most people cook and use recipes. It is an excellent starting point for anyone who is interested in making exceptional cuisines at home.

Written by a great team of experts which include scientists, editorial team and research and developmental chefs led by Nathan Myhrvold, Modern Cuisine is a well-written book that deconstructs the science behind cooking.

A comprehensive gift for professional and home foodies as well as nerds!

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Detailed information about Modernist Cuisine at Home Hardcover

It doesn't just give you a list of recipes; rather, it lists down ingredients. It further goes on to give detailed information on where each ingredient comes from, what each does, and even gives cost estimation.

The recipe's list also includes alternatives and other recommendations.

The authors then go ahead and explain the science behind the highlighted cooking techniques at a beginner’s level to make it easy to understand exactly what goes in the cooking pot. Same goes for kitchen gadgets and tools.

It lists down a variety of equipment, tools, and gadgets that are reasonably affordable to home chefs.

It cleverly omits the use of expensive and complicated tools from its recipes and offers alternatives and affordable options.

The come across varying price range for the kitchen equipment to be used for the recipes listed.


Brilliantly written and well-illustrated with spectacular photos

It has hundreds of recipes, and a list of affordable equipment's for home cooks

Gives a scientific explanation behind the cooking techniques outlined and the dishes

Opens the reader to a whole new cooking world

Available in hardcover format