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‘In the Kitchen I’m the Boss’ Cutting Board

Wherever it is used, this beautiful personalized bamboo cutting board leaves no question about who is the boss of the kitchen.

This board would make a great gift for any aspiring chef out there. This beautiful personalized cutting board is as practical as it is unique to the person receiving it.

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Detailed information about ‘In the Kitchen I’m the Boss’ Cutting Board

Each board measures 13.5 inches long by 7 inches wide and is styled in the shape of a paddle. The front of the board is expertly engraved with the words “In This Kitchen _____ is the Boss”. All that needs to be added is the chef’s name.

This personalized tribute to a favorite chef is sure to be appreciated, well used and well loved. Bamboo is nature’s way of allowing for the look and feel of real wood items without the need to decimate a forest to have them.

The bamboo plant is easily and quickly grown and harvested and the beauty of the finished product enhanced by the uniquely fine grain of bamboo is simply stunning.


Made from sustainable environmentally friendly bamboo

Use the personalized side for display and the opposite side for preparing food

Personalized to order with the name of the recipient