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Red Crab Spoon Holder and Steam Releaser by OTOTO

Cute and handy, this little crab would make a fun and quirky gift that any cook would actually find extremely useful!

No more setting the sloppy stirring spoon on the counter; just let this crustacean lend a helping claw…or two.

And when it comes to preventing sputtering messes from steam build-up in the pot, its Red the Crab to the rescue again, by allowing the steam inside to safely escape before causing a problem.

Functionality is all good and fine, but when functionality can be combined with indisputable cuteness life in the kitchen just doesn’t get much better!

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Detailed information about Red Crab Spoon Holder and Steam Releaser by OTOTO

Red the super handy double clawed crab is more than just another pretty face. This little dude goes above and beyond to make the kitchen a safer and cleaner place to be.

As a spoon holder, he can’t be beaten. The upraised claws are perfectly poised to hold a wooden spoon safely and neatly out of the way when not being used to stir the pot.

The upper portion of this clawed crustacean twists all around, allowing the chef to position the spoon anywhere desired, such as over the bubbling contents of the pot thus keeping the messy drippage exactly where it belongs, back in the pan.

Additionally, this adorable crab easily clips to the side of most any pot, making venting the steam a breeze.


Made from 100% food-safe silicone

Top of the crab is fully positionable to control drippage

Clips safely to the side of virtually any pot

Vents steam from covered pots as well as being an adorable spoon holder