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Healing Thoughts Blanket

If you would like to give the ultimate practical healing gift to someone you love who is going through a difficult time, then consider buying one of these healing blankets from for them.

No one can deny the power of positive thought when one is feeling down, depressed or just plain ill and these BlankieGram Healing Thoughts Blankets are just what is needed to bring positive energy into their lives. What a wonderful way this is to show someone that you are always thinking about them and sending them healing words and thoughts, best wishes and care.

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Detailed information about Healing Thoughts Blanket

Each blanket is made from a special color fleece that has been chosen for its healing and supportive properties: PURPLE has been proved to help bring sleep, soothe emotional stress and relieve sensitivity to pain.

BLUE inspires harmony and serenity, soothes the mind and promotes peace and tranquillity.

PINK shows appreciation, admiration, and respect. It enhances one’s self-confidence and self-esteem and promotes creative and artistic energy. It is the color of the heart and brings forth unconditional love, compassion, and tenderness.

GREY brings rest and allows us to tend to ourselves for a change. It is a balanced and a balancing color that helps to bring about a calming and harmonious effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

TEAL is a color that helps to recharge our batteries during periods of long term stress and tiredness. It helps to lessen the feeling of loneliness and separation.


The choice of background color is chosen for a specific healing purpose

The blanket is covered in positive and healing words, helping to give the wearer the love that is behind them

BlankieGram will donate a Healing Thoughts Blanket to someone every time one is bought