Smiley Emoticon Yellow Round Cushion Pillow

Emoji’s are very popular right now. They are everywhere, obviously in phones and social media, but they are expanding to pretty much every possible item including clothes, bed stuff, and toys. This round cushion pillow is no different. It is in the likeness of the sleeping emoji with closed eyes, an open mouth, and three “z’s” on its forehead. This is an adorable addition to any kids’ bedroom and it even can be used as a travel pillow for kids or adults! This 32-cm diameter pillow probably is not big enough to be used as an actual pillow on a bed, but it is perfect as a decorative pillow. It could also be utilized just to lay or snuggle with or to watch a movie with on the couch. The possibilities are endless.

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Detailed information about Smiley Emoticon Yellow Round Cushion Pillow

This is a super soft pillow, it is filled with stuffing not beads so it will keep its shape. It is firm yet soft and is perfect to keep you comfortable on the couch, bed, even in a hotel or plane while you are traveling. This is a great gift to get a son or daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend or even an adult who travels a lot or just really loves emojis. This would be a great accent to a child or teenagers’ bedroom. It could even be used in a college dorm.