Forum Novelties – Grow a Girlfriend Gag Novelty

People are always on the lookout for gag gifts. That means the type of gift that isn’t meant to be useful and in fact, its only purpose is to be a bit of fun and raise a smile. “Grow A Girlfriend” from Forum Novelties is exactly that. No one actually believes that it is possible to grow a real girlfriend but it sure is fun to try! This is a gag gift to end all gag gifts.

The instructions are to put her in a container of water and she will start to grow within 2 hours. After 72 hours she will be up to six times the original size. Now, this isn’t a very large girlfriend, but it is true what they say about size not being everything. It’s the amount of love that counts!

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Detailed information about Forum Novelties – Grow a Girlfriend Gag Novelty

Seriously though this is just the gift for the eternal bachelor amongst your circle of friends. The girlfriend, once grown, will not nag or complain and definitely will not start changing the color of the bedroom walls or have a new carpet fitted. She is a marvelous listener and will be happy to do exactly what her boyfriend wants. He can go out drinking with his friends or spend hours gaming and she will be perfectly okay with it.

She will not, however, do any of the cleanings in the house so he will still need to push a vacuum cleaner around the floor on a Saturday morning and do his own laundry in between gaming sessions. This super gag gift is the ideal partner for the man that won’t grow up or for the teenaged boy who hasn’t yet had the guts to ask anyone out on a date.


This is a great gag gift suitable for the eternal bachelor

The girlfriend will expand to six times her original size


Don’t expect the girlfriend to look very appealing or her size to be anywhere near the boyfriend’s height

This is a gag gift only