The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Manly Mints – 1 Tin of Mints

The origins of an Unemployed Philosopher’s guild are mostly shrouded in mystery. Some accounts trace it back to Athens towards the end of 4th century where some of the lesser philosophers got tired of unending Socratic dialogue widespread in trade and instead started crafting household playthings and tools.

Others claim that the UPG trace back to middle ages where the philosopher’s guild was famous for selling lewd pamphlets to a group of pilgrims queuing in restrooms. And most recent theory shows a time when it was seen as cool to live in the Lowest East side of New York City. Out of all these theories, creativity ruled, and something good came out to serve every man out there who feels special.

The Manly mints are meant for every special man who feels strong and of course manly or one who needs to prove that he qualifies as a tough guy. The tin of mints will make an excellent gag gift or a funny gift to any man for a good laugh. It’s also perfect for elephant exchange parties, so make sure you carry a tin the next time you are invited to one full of men.

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Detailed information about The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Manly Mints – 1 Tin of Mints

Give this as a funny gift to your husband or boyfriend and let him prove to you just how manly of a guy is. Overall this is a great product and unexpected funny gift suitable for men on any occasion.

The peppermints might appear small, but they are extremely powerful enough to leave a strong burning sensation in the mouth to anyone. But they have unmatched mintiness and will without a doubt leave the mouth feeling clean and fresh.


A funny gag gift for men

Comes well packaged in a reusable metal tin