A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

We think it is safe to say that everyone has seen A Christmas story. This classic movie is well loved and has been a staple in every American family’s television during Christmas season. You probably noticed how some tv channels have this movie on repeat for days and it is even available online, so if you have never seen it, you must have been living under a rock. One of the funniest and most memorable scenes in A Christmas Story was the appearance of the leg lamp.

And ever since the day it was shown to the world, many people have wondered where to get this certain lamp. Good thing you are reading this, because we found a genuine replica of the famed Christmas Story leg lamp! Presenting the 20 inch Christmas Story leg lamp by NECA.

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Detailed information about A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

This recognizable lamp modeled after the popular prop just needs to be plugged in and it lights up beautifully. The leg also lights up so that gives it an extra cool factor.

This is a great gift for your loved one who absolutely finds A Christmas Story hilarious and loves the movie.


Genuine replica of the famous lamp from the holiday movie A Christmas story

Small but made very well

Does not need any batteries to operate