Toilet Timer by Katamco

It will be utterly impossible not to laugh when unwrapping this toilet timer by Katamco. This is a silly gift idea but funny enough to lighten the holiday mood. We all have that one good friend or a family member who likes to sit for hours in the toilet probably scrolling through their phone or reading a book way after they have finished the major business that took them there in the first place.

You know the kind of person that lingers long in the toilet until their legs get numb and there is a possibility this bunch often falls asleep in the bathroom? Chances are that if you check your loo right now, there might be a poo-crastinator sitting comfortably doing absolutely nothing but taking their sweet time.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then this funny device will help you get them off the pot. The toilet timer is a hilarious device that has been designed for the poo-crastinator who likes to take their time in the bathroom and end up losing track of time.

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Detailed information about Toilet Timer by Katamco

So how does this device work? It works the same as an hourglass. The sand timer runs for about 5 minutes, empties its contents in its tiny toilet and then goes off to remind the popper that his/her time has run out and now it's time to move on. It has a silhouette of a dude sitting in the toilet, and when the timer starts, it empties the sand into the toilet.

To set the timer, you only to give it a spin and wait for five minutes for it to go off and signal the poo -crastinator that their time is up. Its simple gravity that makes this device easy to set.


A unique gag gift idea

Designed to send subtle hints to long poopers

The device is super cool and hilarious