Letmy Package of 2 LED Tactical Flashlights

This set of two LED tactical flashlights by Letmy is one of the most practical gifts available. There are a million different uses and a million different reasons why this is a gift that should be kept on hand for gift giving for any and all occasions.

The A50 tactical flashlight is indeed the perfect gift for virtually any occasion…period! These small torches are tiny enough to fit in a purse, tuck away in a glove box, or keep in a backpack.

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Detailed information about Letmy Package of 2 LED Tactical Flashlights

There is even a clip to allow this flashlight to be clipped on the car visor, on a belt, or even tucked away in a pocket. The A50 has a wide variety of extras that make this torch different from others on the market. It is made from an aluminum and steel alloy that is comparable to military grade, leaving it tougher and more resilient than the competition. The aperture on the torch lens is adjustable, allowing the beam to be narrowly focused for close inspection situations or expanded to broaden the field of light. It is also waterproof and resistant to damage from inadvertent drops.

The A50 has three different settings including high and low, and for those cycling enthusiasts out there it also has a strobe mode for safer biking. Each one of these mini lights requires one AA battery (not included).


Small size makes this a convenient as well as extremely practical gift

At 300 lumens output, these torches give 20% greater brightness than the average flashlight

Made from an aluminum and steel alloy used graded for military purposes