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Personalized Beach Towels

There is something about a personalized gift. It feels unique, special and makes the gift really amazing. Such gifts are perfect for any occasion and most times are received with lots of appreciation, beaming smiles, and a grateful heart.

If you are stressed about finding the perfect for a loved one whether it’s your kid, wife, husband, or a special friend, why not consider this personalized beach towels?

Sure, the recipient could be having a beach towel in the possession, but this particular one will be uniquely special. It comes personalized with the recipient’s name which transforms it into a customized towel specifically meant for the person who will receive it.

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Detailed information about Personalized Beach Towels

We believe that the person who receives this towel, will feel proud to see their name boldly displayed on it and they will without a doubt appreciate the gift. It also goes without saying that this particular beach towel will become one of their favorite swimming accessories come summer or the hot sunny days.

This towel looks absolutely fabulous. It is made of quality material, super absorbent and features vibrant beach colors. It's a standard beach towel measuring approximately 30" X 60" and will provide sufficient coverage when in use.


A quality beach towel embowered with lovely designs

Available in different color styles

Personalized with the recipient’s name


The towel is thin