Youngnis Foldable Waterproof Carry Bag

When a suitcase just cannot hold all the things a person wants to bring on a trip – it is always useful to have a spacious carry-on. One problem with many of today’s carry-ons is that they are too bulky and can be a nuisance when traveling on an airplane or getting to the hotel. Fortunately, Youngnis have designed a bag compact enough to be used as a carry-on but still big enough to hold all the items a person wants to bring on their trips. It is the perfect gift for anyone going on a short or a long trip, as well for those who are frequently traveling for business.

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Detailed information about Youngnis Foldable Waterproof Carry Bag

This foldable waterproof bag is made of a lightweight polyester material that is also waterproof and tear-resistant. It is extremely durable and can hold up to 110lbs without breaking. It also features a thick strap which can be slipper over a suitcase handle for easier transportation. The suitcase strap also features a zippered pocket to store items like a cell phone, passport, and a wallet for quicker and easier access. If the bag is being used as a duffel, there are multi-purpose straps which allow the bag to be carried as a handbag or across the shoulder. If the bag is not being used, it can easily be folded and stuffed into a suitcase without taking up any room.