Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal

Compai has come out with a new beautiful book called the Jane-a-Day 5-year Journal. It features a full page for each day of the year. Each page is separated into 5 groups with each group having 4 full lines to write on. The pages are headed with different quotes from works by the famous novelist Jane Austin.

Starting with January 1, you fill out the year and write a couple of sentences about your day or anything you might be thinking of. It’s short and concise making it a great tool to pick out the most important things of the day that you might want to remember. You can continue doing this every day until the last day of the year and then you start over again by filling out the new year below the previous one. It’s a wonderful way to look back on past events and also a wonderful way to see how your life and stories evolve over time.

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Detailed information about Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal

The quotes at the top are from different famous works written by Jane Austin. They serve to inspire or offer up a heartfelt contemplation. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something to write, they can help you to either think in a new way or maybe jostle your memory. The limited amount of space makes journaling seem less intimidating. If you’ve ever tried starting a journal before, you’ll know how daunting a blank page can be. There’s a lot of pressure when you try to fill up a whole page with your day.  However, the four lines in this journal,  give the perfect amount of space for recording small parts of the day. And there’s no pressure to write a lot!