Qshell Bluetooth Headband with Wireless Headphone Headset

Do you or a loved one enjoy outdoor sports even in the cold winter months? You might walk, run, ski, snowboard, skate, hike, fish, or even walk your dog. If so, then check out this cold weather appropriate headband that has Bluetooth stereo headphones built right in! Now you don’t have to sacrifice your music to be warm or the other way around. There is also a microphone so you can use it to take phone calls or interact with your phone.

This is a fashion forward headband with a wide variety of colors and patterns. It also comes in beanies and smaller headband options. Some even have a poof on the end of it, have stripes, or even neon colors. So no matter the need, the Qshell bluetooth headband has you covered.

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Detailed information about Qshell Bluetooth Headband with Wireless Headphone Headset

The headbands are made of extremely soft, 100% acrylic and is double knitted to keep your head and ears warm even on really chilly days. It utilizes Bluetooth V4.1 technology making it quick to pair with your cell phone, laptop, tablet, or other bluetooth compatible device and crystal clear coming through the earpieces. There is a built in, rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It gives you 6 hours of talk or play time. It takes it about 2.5 hours to charge and has 60 hours of standby. The great thing about this, is it is completely washable. Meaning you can wear it, sweat in it, then throw it into the washer just like your other clothes (just remember to take out the headphones from their pouches)!