Qshell Bluetooth Headband with Wireless Headphone Headset

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy outdoor sports even in the cold winter months. They usually walk, run, ski, snowboard, hike etc. Besides keeping warm and comfortable, they usually want to have some kind of entertainment. With this wireless set from Qshell now everyone can make that wish come true. This headband is really appropriate for cold weather and it features Bluetooth stereo headphones built right in! Now a person wouldn’t have to sacrifice their tunes in order to stay warm, or the other way around! There is also a microphone so the users can take phone calls and interact too! This is a fashion-forward headband that comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. It also comes in beanies and smaller headband options. Some with a poof, some with stripes, some in neo colors – there is everything for everyone’s taste.

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Detailed information about Qshell Bluetooth Headband with Wireless Headphone Headset

The buttons on this headset are extremely user-friendly. They are above the left ear-piece and are simple for use. They can be controlled without taking the headband off. It is a perfect gift for anyone who likes spending time outdoors in the cold weather. Great for runners, hikers or people who frequently take their dogs out for a walk in the cold. This would make a great gift for teens, students, and adults too!