Fuji Instax Color Film

Film photos just have some quality behind them that is so nostalgic yet novel and the same time. Polaroid’s especially have been so popular for such a long time and are starting to make a come back. There’s just something so fun about the photo being printed right before your eyes and having an actual hardcopy in your hands. And with Fuji Wide’s Instant Color Film you can keeping taking even more photos! It’s a small but seriously amazing gift to give someone who has a polaroid camera and enjoys taking pictures!



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Detailed information about Fuji Instax Color Film

The box comes with 4 packs 10 exposures for a grand total of 40! That’s 40 polaroid photos just waiting to be shot. They’re instant color film so you don’t even have to wait for the photo to appear. It’ll come out right away! The exposures are made for the Fujifilm instax 200 and 210 cameras and have a wider format than traditional polaroid’s. They don’t come out as sharply as a normal camera would but it gives it that hazy quality always associated with Polaroid’s.