The Complete Far Side Collection

If you know anyone that loves comics, then they’re bound to love The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson. It’s a three-volume comic book sequel to his previous book The Far Side. It was published in 2003 and became one of New York Time’s bestsellers. Critics and readers alike loved its funny and original illustrations.

It contains all the characters that were seen in The Far Side, plus some extra. They are arranged in single comic panels and tell stories from Larson’s life, as well as containing letters from fans, editors and so on. Many of the illustrations are simple thoughts that Larson has during the day that he “jots” down and turns into a visual explanation. The comics are drawn in the old-fashioned cartoon style which is reminiscent of the cartoon section in newspapers. It’s delightful and extremely insightful read.

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Detailed information about The Complete Far Side Collection

The Complete Far Side is a fantastic gift for readers who enjoy comedy and comics. They will spend all day reading it and will find it hard to put down. But that’s not a problem because each volume is packed full of illustrations which makes for a heavy set of books. The combined weight of all three volumes is around 20lbs! The pro to them being so big is that the pictures are blown up to oversized proportions, which makes them easier to read for those that might have vision impairments.

These books are a fabulous set to display on a coffee table in your home or office where people can leaf through the pages. Although they’ll probably end up reading the whole book! This set is also a great gift for children. The funny looking comics will delight them even if they don’t yet understand the witticisms behind the depictions. It will make reading more enjoyable for them while also inspiring their creativity.