Lewis N. Clark Pressure-Reducing Ear Plugs

Everybody loves the pleasures of traveling but nobody enjoys the long flights. Sitting in cramped chairs with no room to stretch, relax or sleep. And on top of that, there’s the awful pain we experience in our ears and head when the plane takes off and lands. It can even happen on road trips if you’re near mountains. Thankfully, Pressure-Reducing Ear Plugs by Lewis N. Clark can relieve some of that discomfort or pain and make a journey more enjoyable.

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Detailed information about Lewis N. Clark Pressure-Reducing Ear Plugs

They look exactly like earplugs and work much like regular earplugs. Except, instead of blocking noise they block/reduce the pressure that’s felt in the ears when there’s a sudden change in altitude. They do reduce background noise but only up to 22dB, meaning you can use them and still talk to people, listen to music or watch movies. This is perfect for long flights when you want some entertainment but need the pressure reduced from your head.

These ear plugs are sure to help with vertigo, headaches, ear popping or stuffiness which occur during altitude changes. They’re compact and are made of a foam that is easy to insert and molds to the user’s ear for a custom fit. Even better, they’re hypoallergenic and can be easily hand washed.