Blowfish Women’s Granola Fisherman Sandal

Looking for a great gift for the young adventurer in your life? The Blowfish Women’s Granola Fisherman Sandal is the perfect fit! They feature a very simple but effective style, including several crossing straps over the top of the foot with a toe strap and strap along the back of the foot to keep the shoe on. They come in a wide array of neutral brown, tan, and gold colors so are sure to find an outfit to match them with!

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Detailed information about Blowfish Women’s Granola Fisherman Sandal

The shoe is comfortable and durable, good for walking or just hanging out. The straps do stretch a little bit so if you have wide feet or are buying a gift for someone with wide feet, the shoe should still be comfortable. To account for wide feet, it is recommended to go up a half size for maximum comfort.

The straps are leather but the sole of the shoe is synthetic making it durable. It can withstand some small durations of getting wet, however, as they are made of leather we wouldn’t recommend walking through a lake with them on because the leather may stretch out.